Really an awesome experience">

Really an awesome experience

We are Claudia Bram and Jochem Gelderblom. We just started doing LARP and immediately joined the Fiedtrip. The names of our characters were Sofia Mally and Davy Lotger. We thought it was an amazing experience!

Before we went to the Fieldtrip we filled in a form about our characters (a character sheet). In real live we are a couple. Everyone in the roleplaying got a task that they had to fulfill. and that’s how Jochem got the task to win me as his girlfriend. and I had to steal a Mandragora and to hid it in another house.

Despite that we were in 2 different groups we could do a lot together. Like I said we were in 2 different groups (houses). With that we have a goal as a house to work together to get as many points as we can during the lessons. So we got a lesson about mystical creatures, writing with a feather and potions. These lessons were given by the excellent teachers: Hector and Benfolo. They lead us through the entire storyline and made it look as real as possible. There were a lot of awesome props there which looked amazing.

Outside the lessons we also had to help a lot to fight against the bad guys. That’s how they used a couple of special effects which made it so excited. With that we played games which were super nice! With other words what an amazing weekend with excellent work of the teachers!!


Claudia Bram and Jochem Gelderblom.