I felt like a real witch for 3 days!">

I felt like a real witch for 3 days!

Since I am a big fan of the magical wizarding world, I was excited immediately! (also a little nervous because I never participated at a LARP event before Magical Triangle) so I immediately signed up for it! The event was an absolutely amazing experience, the atmosphere of the wizarding lessons were extreme sensible. All the activities that were organized were impressive, and I really felt like a witch for three days.

Also that everybody was really getting into his/her character, which a story was build and where everybody got 1 little piece of a puzzle, was very exciting for me. The people who organized the event have done a excellent qualitative job. The teachers build beautiful lessons, and the story that was woven into the weekend was simple Magical.
It may sound a bit emotional but because of this experience I really blossomed up. A big amount of the people that I got to know there are my real friends now.


Yara Lievens (Belgium)