“Fighting against the dark”

Although I have years of pen and paper experience, the Fieldtrip was the first real LARP experience I had. I could not imagine a better event to begin with. From the moment that we took our blindfolds of we were greeted by a gigantic burning camp so I knew this was going to be an amazing weekend.

By 2 amazing teachers, convincing outfits, a breathtaking story and the lessons material the magical world really got alive. You were completely pulled inside it, comparing to a lot of books. This adventure can’t be complete without fighting against the dark side. This was completely clear from day (day 1) we went into the dark forest and found the death burned body of a student that sadly became a victim of the dark magic.

Thanks to the right night plays, props and special effects this story really came to life. Certain a recommend to everyone that is a big fan of the magical world.


David Monjaerts (Belgium)