“Excitement, Action and Magic”

When I heard that there was going to be an event around the theme ‘’Magic’’ I immediately signed in. because I am in love with magic. The magic weekend trip was a new start for me: meeting new people, doing things I never have done before and above all get all the fun out of a new experience. Because role-playing was completely new for me I did not knew what to expect. That’s why I liked it that when I arrived at the event I could choose to be ‘’in character’’ or ‘’out character’’. I already had made up a name for my character but that did not brought me further with role playing, but luckily they send you per e-mail a character sheet so you could think about your personage that you wanted to play that weekend.  That definitely  helped me out with giving shape to my character. I noticed that I found it hard to stay in character all the time, and that I simply did not like it to play a character. So meanwhile the event I just simply stayed myself which I thought was great, because I think if it really had been a LARP event that I would not have liked it.

Besides the roleplaying I did not really know what was going to happen. I actually only knew that I and other people would follow a storyline. What was waiting for me that weekend was unbelievable and more than I would ever dreamt. The weekend contains a story full of excitement, action and magic, which I was a part of and got away of the reality. We were divided into different departments, and had to fight to the other teams by scoring more points than the others. You could own these points through the lessen and got a personal goal where you also could earn points with. My personal goal was to mucilage (be extra nice to) with the teachers so I could earn extra points. That is something that is a part of my personality because I have the eager to learn. Very creative that they also could make a personal goal.

There were several lessons the weekend and those lessons were also very refreshing and different from each other. And also in the lessons self, everything about the story is continuing. So one time the teacher were attacked by dark wizards and had to go the forest late at night to fight the evil wizards. Together with my department we went into the dark forest but without any light source because then you are an easy goal. The teachers that weekend were: ‘’Benfolo Evil Penstroke and Prof. Hector Pecus’’. And helped us defeat the evil wizards. They really made this weekend ‘’magic’’ because they gave nice interactive lessons and made me believe that magic is actually real. Meanwhile the weekend I made awesome friends, learned new things and I have a experience that I will never ever forget.


Cindy Jong